September 4, 2019


Thinking of and finding wedding table favors is probably last on your wedding to-do list.  Your wedding guests have been carefully selected and everyone in attendance played even a small role in getting you to the altar.  These special people deserve more than just a kiss and a hug as they exit your big day.  

I recently came across a site that offers a wide variety of unique personalized wedding favors.  The company is called “Forever Wedding Favors” and you can find an assortment of high-quality products for your reception on their easy to navigate website.  I got my hands on the following assortment of products that I really enjoyed, and I think will help give you ideas for your wedding day.

First up was a bottle opener that’s shaped like a tiny little bottle.  That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? I recently tried to open a bottle of wine and my expensive name brand opener didn’t work because the shape of the bottle was unique.   Well, this wedding favor opened it right up. So it’s cute and it works! Plus, who doesn’t love wine?

Click here to choose your favorite one

These hugging polar bears are actually salt and pepper shakers.  You all know how much I love things that are cute and these bears well, CUUUTTEEE! This useful gift will be a hit at your wedding.

Click here to view these cuties and pick out your own

This rustic metal key that doubles as a bottle opener and a key chain!  And yes, it works! I’ve already used it to pop open some bottles.  This decorative piece gives your guest something they can use around their house after your wedding.

Click here to view all the fun bottle openers they have to offer

I just love this product!  They are magnets that look like Typewriter keys that you can put on your refrigerator or anything metal! I had a metal cabinet that was basically made for them.  I love, love and they spell LOVE so…. basically, love! Right!?

Click here to check these magnets out

These cards are cool! Cards always make great gifts because who doesn’t love a new deck of cards. They also have personalized decks available for your customized day!

View the Card Selection here

I also got my hands on this bottle stopper which is currently keeping a favorite bottle of wine fresh! This sweet stopper is a practical gift that your friends and family will love to leave with.

View the selection of bottle stoppers by clicking here

I spent quite a while surfing through’s website.  The products there are definitely worth a peek.   Check it out and quickly find some cool gifts. It’ll make your life easier and you’ll have one more thing accomplished on your way to your all-important day.

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