November 29, 2018


What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Jess: After seeing Ryan for our first look, I was convinced that was going to be the most memorable part of my day. It was the happiest I’ve ever felt in my life up to that point. However, the moment I stepped out for my dad to walk me down the aisle, I saw the room filled with all of our family and friends, and my future husband waiting for me, I was overwhelmed with more emotion and love than I’ve ever felt.

Ryan: The anticipation of seeing my bride was almost unbearable. I remember hearing my bride-to-be come through the doors to where I had my back towards her for our first look. What probably was 15 seconds felt like the longest moments of my life. All of the tension was released the moment I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see my future wife in the most beautiful dress.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Jess: Enjoy all of the little moments. The day goes by so fast! Take time to smell your flowers, and just look around the room at all of the people there to support you.

Ryan: Take time for yourself by being prepared so you can step away if you need to. Everyone is there for you, so it can be a little overwhelming. The 10 minutes I took for myself before the ceremony was just what I needed to mentally prepare for marrying the love of my life.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Jess: Right before I walked out for the ceremony, my niece turned around and said “Well Aunt Jess, are you ready to officially be my Aunt?!”-I’ve been her aunt for 8 years. They have a hard time understanding how that all works!

Ryan: While walking down our immediate family before the wedding party entered for the ceremony, Jessica’s Grandpa didn’t have his hearing aids on/turned up which resulted in him not realizing the entire audience could here his remarks to me while walking down the aisle.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Jess: Well I typed my entire response to this question, only to read Ryan’s and see that he said nearly the exact same thing! Haha so see below

Ryan: My bride and I reflected in our hotel room after the wedding and we both agreed how perfect everything was. We are so thankful for the people in our lives who made us feel loved and appreciated on the happiest day of our lives.

Where will you go on your honeymoon?

We will be staying at a spa and resort built into Camelback mountain in Arizona! We will relax, hike, and do what we do best-eat delicious food! Plans are in the works for a trip to Iceland this summer!


Vendor Love
Ceremony/Reception Location • Country Celebrations Event Center
Dress • Chrysalis Bridal Salon
Tuxedos/suits • Men’s Wearhouse (Sioux City, IA)
Hair/makeup • Gloss Hair and Makeup Boutique
Décor • What Brides Want Rentals
Florist • Sunnybrook Flowershop
Cookies • Blue Meadows Bakery opening in 2019 <3

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