September 20, 2018


How They Met…

From Kyle: We met through an old girlfriend of mine. Our engagement will be fairly short due to my OCD not allowing me to get married in an odd-numbered year! (Yes, that is really why!)

The Proposal…

The proposal was just what I wanted it to be. It was the two of us and then Alyssa in a spot that we can hold dear and always revisit. I wasn’t nervous at all. It felt like I was doing what i was supposed to be doing.

What do you love most about…

I think the thing that I love most about Amber is her amazing heart. When she loves, it is without limits or restrictions of any kind! Her love has no half throttle! She’s all in! If we ever get any spare time, we would love to fly down to Le Mars and go out for a nice meal with our “fave” photog and her hubs! For reals though, I love to fly, ride motorcycles and shoot whenever I can. I also love to just lay in bed and talk with Amber. We have some great talks this way. I would describe Amber as kind, loving, smart, sweet, fun and sexy as hell! On our wedding day, I’m most excited about getting our two families together so that everyone can meet and just be together. That sort of thing is a rarity now a days. I’m also very excited to be present when The Great Chelsi Hector waves her magic wand over us again and makes me look good! 😉 #iwasborntohandleit

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