June 22, 2021


bride+groom wedding day questionnaire:

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Allison: My grandpa sang the Lord’s Prayer at my parents wedding almost 30 years ago. He passed away several years ago, so my mom and I thought it would be really special to play the recording of him singing from their wedding at our wedding! We didn’t tell my dad or grandma, so there were lots of tears, but it was a very special moment.

Also, the morning spent with my bridesmaids and personal attendants! It was a very special time for us all to be together and helped me relax and not get caught up in the schedule or plan. 

Riley: The first look. It was the most memorable and the best nerve reliever before the wedding. It really helped me relax and enjoy the day more!

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Allison: Don’t stress about the itinerary and keeping things on schedule. The day will go so fast, take time to enjoy it! Don’t rush to get to the ceremony or reception. The morning & taking photos are just as special. :-)

Riley: Enjoy the day because it goes really fast. Be organized. Make an itinerary for the people involved so they know where to be and when. It eliminates constant questions and stress!

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Allison: As I start walking down the aisle, I see a dog running around between our guests! I was like, am I seeing things or what the heck is going on? Ha! The ushers scooped it up and carried it off to houses near by and I found out later the lady that owned the dog gave them 40 bucks for bringing it back!

Riley: We did a scavenger hunt at the reception for various items. One of them was hand sanitizer. My best man ran to the hand sanitizer that was on the wall and pumped some into his hand and carried it back. Another groomsmen pulls the entire dispenser off the wall and carried it back to the front. It was hilarious.  

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Allison: Nope! 

Riley: Not at all, it was perfect.

Where will you go on your honeymoon?

As I write this, we are on our way to Gatlinburg, TN, and the Smoky Mountains!

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