license, helping others comes natural to me. These are the things that fill my heart and I truly become much more than just the photographer to my clients.

My husband, Karlton, and I have been married for six years. Our three children, Stella (11), Dash (6), and Marlo (4), are our world. Chewbacca (Chewey)and Slater (Slate), our cats, are also considered part of our family. Currently, we are wrapping up the restoration of our 1935 Bungalow home. We have been captivated with finding creative ways to make what is old new again while retaining the integrity of the home. Above all of this, our home is built on the foundation of God.

I am a romantic. While I may not always be able to render the affection of a couple on their wedding day into words, I believe that I can capture it in the images that I create. The emotion is there. The anticipation is there. The excitement, joy, and racing heart-beat-as-you-walk-down-the-aisle is all there. Not only will you see it in my images, but you will feel it, over and over again.

My personality type is The Helper and this is a gift that I am eager to share. Whether I'm helping a client decide on
the perfect pumps to go with her tulle skirt, or reapplying
a bride's pale pink lipstick while she signs her marriage

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